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Academic Work Academy MLE Industrial Automation Reskill Program
23 January 2023-14 April 2023
Ilkka Marttinen
Academic Work Academy MLE Industrial Automation Reskill Program
14 April 2023
23 January 2023
Brights Learning Group

Academic Work Academy is a reskilling program that offers intensive training in IT and technology to motivated individuals looking to shift their careers. All participants are selected through a rigorous recruitment process to ensure they possess the right capabilities, motivation, potential and personality. Through Academy, participants acquire the necessary skills that meet the needs of client companies and ensures they are well-equipped to tackle the demands of the job market.

The role and importance of Automation has increased in the industrial field as it improves efficiency and increases productivity. During this 12-week program, the participants have dived into the field of Automation by learning the scope from field devices, information processing systems, reading, and interpreting diagrams as well as focusing mainly on PLC-programming. During the program, they have achieved the required knowledge and skills needed to start their career in automation-related projects.


Principles of basic electricity
Principles of basic automation
Components used in industry 
Industry circuit diagrams
Occupational safety and electrical safety
Basics of programmable logic
Principles of signal processing

Principles of bus technology
Basics of Tia Portal PLC programming
Basics of process automation
The most common components in the process industry such as valves, pumps, controllers, fans, sensors
Basics of control technology and methods
Basics of Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition

Academic Work Academy MLE Industrial Automation Reskill Program
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